Benefit from our Expertise

We aim to reduce your reliance on short-term high-interest loans, cash advances, and other mounting credit obligations by restructuring your current payment solutions. By increasing your current cash flow and improving your liquidity ratios, you can stay on top of your payments, fulfill your payroll obligations, and continue to grow your business as planned.

Step 1
The Recet team performs a comprehensive overview of all your current obligations in order to figure out the best options for your business. We look at your current repayment plans, your total monthly obligations, as well as your business capital and expenses. Using this comprehensive examination of your finances, we propose the best strategy to help get your business out of debt and back on track.
Step 2
We work together to tailor a repayment plan to fit your current financial profile, allowing your business to remain sustainable and your repayment plan to stay within budget. Our goal is to allow your business to grow through improved financial flexibility, minimizing the hindrance of budget restraints or mounting debt obligations.
Step 3
After we figure out the best course of action, we connect with your creditors on your behalf to renegotiate the best deal. Your business continues to operate normally, except now, without the constraints of your previous financial obligations. Recet will handle your repayment terms, and your business goes back into your hands.