When you contact Recet, we carefully analyze your situation to figure out the best way for your business to grow. After we negotiate the best payment plan for you, we purchase your debt from your creditors, which gives your business the financial freedom it needs to succeed.

Every situation, just like every business, is different and Recet will always attempt to find a solution for you. Recet has an experienced team that understands how to deal with long and short-term loans, merchant cash advances, high-interest loans, and more.

However, there are still circumstances where too much debt or the inability to enter repayment exists, and in those cases we may not be able to help. This is why it is important to contact us as soon as you feel that you need help.

Every business will have its own schedule for an effective turnaround, but our goal is to get you back on track as soon as possible. Your repayment schedules will be discussed when we plan your budget, and all renegotiation during the process will be for your benefit. We always update you on the full process as we move forward, and you will have full knowledge of our interactions with your debtors in real time.

Contact the Recet team, and the rest will be up to us. We do the research, the legwork, and the planning on your behalf.

Recet offers debt relief for small businesses that are unable to fulfill their current repayment obligations. We are here to help if your business is experiencing difficulty completing lease payments, payroll demands, fulfillment budgets, and your daily operating costs. We are here to stop the collection calls, the growing debt, and the draining funds with our modified repayment options for your business.

You will be working directly with Recet to manage your new repayment plans in place of your current debtors. Aside from us, and your current creditors, no one else will have access to your business information, and all the details of your loans and financial records will be completely confidential. Third parties, consumers, and other Recet clients will not be involved, nor will they have knowledge of your financial relief plan with us.